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Everyone could use a facial. Yes, facials can be relaxing and pampering, making for a nice getaway from the every day stresses of life. But, they also have several benefits that help improve your skin. No facial will turn back the clock on your skin and make you look 20 years younger, however, getting the right facial can keep your skin from aging quickly. Here are 5 reasons why everyone needs a facial:

  1. Detox
    Facials help cleanse your skin and remove toxins, dead skin cells, grease and dirt. By opening your pores, facials will help keep those nasty black heads and pimples away.
  2. Refresh
    Facials will make your skin feel clean and refreshed. If you have dry skin, facials will put that much needed moisture back into your skin. For oily skin types, a facial can help decrease oil production.
  3. Restore
    Facial treatments help to improve and restore blood flow and circulation to your skin. This increases oxygen delivery to your skin cells, giving them the essential nutrients to prevent cell damage. The result: A nice, healthy glow to your skin and a youthful appearance!
  4. Reduce Signs of Aging
    While there is no way to stop the aging process, certain facials can slow down the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production. Our Cryo Stem Cell Facial can reverse the signs of aging using the regenerative power of stem cells to improve your skin’s tone, texture and feel.
  5. De-stress
    Facial treatments feel good. The process is relaxing, and when accompanied by a nice massage can reduce the amount of stress in your skin and your soul. Relaxation and a lack of stress will promote increased blood flow to your skin, keeping it soft and nourished.

Knowing which type of facial treatment is right for your skin is essential in getting the most out of your facial. Our certified estheticians perform a thorough complimentary skin care analysis prior to each facial treatment. Feel free to contact us if you’re ready to show your skin some love by getting one of our medical grade facials.