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As we get older, certain changes happen to our neck that can create an unsightly appearance. Loose neck skin can create sagging, causing the “turkey neck appearance”; the horizontal lines across the neck can deepen; and enlargement of the platysma muscle can cause vertical neck bands. Each of these treatments can be treated in various non-surgical ways, helping to avoid or delay the need for a surgical neck lift. For example, Ultherapy is an excellent option to lift and tighten loose neck skin. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, can help raise the deeper horizontal lines of the neck. Botox can help relax the hyperactive platysma muscle and diminish vertical neck bands. This will give the neck a more youthful appearance. Dr. Zadeh is an expert in non-surgical treatment of neck wrinkles, and has used all of these treatments individually or in combination to rejuvenate the necks of our clients throughout the Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles areas.

How Does Botox Treat The Vertical Neck Bands?

Vertical neck bands occur because of enlargement of the platysma muscle, which is a superficial muscle layer that drapes over the neck. The more we use this muscle as the years pass the larger it gets. As our skin loses volume and tightness when we age, the enlarged platysma muscle becomes more noticeable.

Botox works by partially paralyzing, or weakening muscles which it is injected to. When injected into the platysma muscle of the neck it causes a relaxation of the muscle and reduces the thick neck bands. This results in a smoother, younger looking neck. The results of Botox injections into vertical neck bands usually last around 4 months. As with Botox treatments in other parts of the face, the injections should be repeated when the results begin to wear off. As mentioned before, the best neck rejuvenation results can be achieved when Botox is used in combinations with other treatments such as Ultherapy, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, etc.

As you can see, knowing which treatment is best for your aging neck is not easy. That’s what we’re here for! If you’re unhappy with the appearance of vertical bands and wrinkles in your neck and would like to know which treatment is right for you, feel free to contact us to set up your consultation with our board certified surgeon Dr. Michael Zadeh. Together you can develop an appropriate treatment plan that will have you on the way to a more youthful appearance today!

Botox Treatment Of Vertical Neck Bands
Botox Treatment Of Vertical Neck Bands