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Have you ever wanted to burn fat without a workout? Or get 6-pack abs without a gym? Emsculpt can help you do just that.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat
Without Working Out!

Emsculpt is a revolutionary new treatment for the abdomen and buttocks that builds muscle and reduces fat through the application of targeted electromagnetic energy. It builds, tones, and defines the muscles of the body, giving a tighter and more contoured look, while also reducing fat in the treatment area. Just a few Emsculpt treatments can give you the same result as many thousands of crunches or squats.

Emsculpt can help people reach aesthetic goals they’ve been struggling to reach, even with a good diet and regular exercise. It can help you get the defined stomach or lifted derrière you’ve been longing for.

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Why Dr. Zadeh?

Because He Cares.

As an award winning doctor, Dr. Zadeh goes beyond accolades and awards to provide his patients with the utmost care and consideration. Unlike other cosmetic centers, Dr. Zadeh is personally involved with all EMSculpt procedures.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

 Emsculpt works through the application of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy (or HIFEM, for short). During an Emsculpt treatment, the Emsculpt applicator is used on the muscles. This applicator applies HIFEM energy to the muscles, causing them to have supramaximal contractions that are many times more intense than the contractions you induce during a work out. (Note: While these contractions are intense, they are not painful.) These supramaximal contractions cause the body to build muscle, just like they might after a workout. However, since these supramaximal contractions are more intense than the standard muscle contractions you experience during a workout, the body builds muscle more quickly.

Emsculpt’s electromagnetic energy also breaks down fat in the treatment area, helping you lose stubborn fat around the targeted muscles.

Am I a Candidate for Emsculpt?

Anyone who is interested in Emsculpt, including both men and women, may be a candidate for the treatment. If you’re considering Emsculpt, contact Z Center for Cosmetic Health to make a free consultation appointment with Dr. Zadeh. At your appointment, Dr. Zadeh can talk to you about your goals and whether Emsculpt would be right for you. Our office can also talk to you about Emsculpt cost, Emsculpt treatment considerations, and any other concerns you may have.

Pioneering Cosmetic Technology

Z Center for Cosmetic Health is proud to be among the first providers of Emsculpt in Los Angeles. Our office is dedicated to providing out clients with cutting edge technology and giving them the best possible treatment options for their cosmetic concerns. We offer Emsculpt in Sherman Oaks, where our office is located. We’re a leading provider of this treatment in the surrounding area, including Emsculpt in Encino, Emsculpt in Studio City, and Emsculpt in the greater Los Angeles area.

What Is Emsculpt For?

Emsculpt is a body sculpting treatment that can be used on either the stomach or the buttocks. Unlike many other body sculpting treatments, Emsculpt does more than just eliminate fat. It also builds the muscles, giving patients a more defined, toned look. Emsculpt can be used to get the toned, chiseled abs you have always dreamed of. Or that lifted, athletic derriere you’ve always wanted. Emsculpt gives similar results to intensive, regular workouts for these areas— but with Emsculpt, you never have to set foot in the gym.

What Is an Emsculpt Treatment Like?

Emsculpt is a simple, pain-free treatment that is completely non-surgical. During an Emsculpt treatment, which takes only around 30 minutes, patients can relax while the treatment does the work for them.

To reach their desired results, most patients will receive four treatments. For this standard four treatment course, the treatments will be spread out over 2 weeks and each treatment will take place at least 2 to 3 days apart. While this is the standard number of treatments that works for many patients, your doctor may recommend more depending on your unique aesthetic goals.

After receiving an Emsculpt treatment, patients do not feel any pain. Instead, they will feel as though they just exercised.

Is Emsculpt Safe?

Yes! Emsculpt is a safe and efficient treatment that has been clinically tested through seven independent United States studies.

When Will I See Results of an Emsculpt Treatment?

Some results of Emsculpt can felt immediately after treatment. The final results of Emsculpt start to be seen around 2 to 4 weeks after your last session, with improvements continuing over the next several weeks.

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