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As a CoolSculpting Crystal Preferred Provider and one of the top CoolSculpting practices in the Los Angeles area, the Z Center for Cosmetic Health is proud to be among the first to offer the new CoolMini Applicator, an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting Non-surgical Fat Reduction treatment family. With the new CoolMini applicator, we now have multiple different ways to get rid of your double chin without surgery. Our other double chin reducing treatments include Ultherapy, ThermiTight, and Kybella. The CoolMini is a small, suction based applicator that has specifically designed for small areas of fat. Depending on the amount of fat, we can help get rid of your double chin in as little as 1-2 treatments. Like other CoolSculpting treatments, there is no downtime.

We are extremely excited to be among the first CoolSculpting centers to be offering fat freezing treatments using the new CoolMini applicator. Our guests are equally excited and we already have a growing wait list of clients who have reserved their treatments.

Feel free to contact our office to see if the CoolMini treatment is the right choice to help you eliminate your double chin!

Before And After Double Chin Cool Mini

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