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(Here is an example of a before and after picture from Z Center for Cosmetic Health. This client had a single Ultherapy treatment to the face & neck area. Notice how her position and angle are the same in both pictures as well as the lighting. No alterations were made.)

If you are searching for a new provider for your beauty related treatments it’s very important to look at their previous work. Before and after pictures are a great way to determine the skills of a treatment provider. However, the problem with before and after photos is that they can trick you by setting unrealistic expectations. Many of us fall into the trap of believing we will achieve the exact same results as the people we see in before and after pictures. While it certainly is possible for you to achieve amazing results, it’s important to realize there are multiple factors that lead to those results.

I am going to share with you the important factors to consider the next time you look at before and after pictures so you can avoid misconceptions.

1. What treatments were performed?

What a before and after photo doesn’t tell you is how the person achieved it. Results shown in before and after photos are sometimes achieved from a combination of treatments. However, the picture may only mention the name of one treatment and neglect the other treatments involved. For example a before and after picture can claim results are after a skin tightening procedure but fail to mention the patient also had a cheek and lip enhancement. This creates an unrealistic expectation, causing you to believe one treatment will fix everything about your face. The truth of the matter is that it can take a combination of different types of treatments to achieve your desired look.

At the Z Center for Cosmetic Health we make sure to communicate with you so we can understand your desires and expectations and work towards the same goal. Dr. Zadeh can create a custom plan for you to realistically accomplish your desired aesthetic.

2. Lighting, Editing, and Positioning

Unfortunately before and after photos have become notorious for being altered. It can be hard to tell if any editing has been done. The most common photo alterations are typically done with Photoshop or professional lighting. In addition, poor posture, fake tans, sucking in fat or flexing muscles can also impact the photo by making the results look much greater than reality.

At Z Center for Cosmetic Health we have designed a photo process to ensure that each patient is standing in the the exact same position and angle in both pics. We never adjust the brightness or alter the image in anyway.

3. How many treatments have been performed?

Another important factor to consider is the number of treatments done. A patient may have had several rounds of treatment but the picture may not state that information leaving you under the impression that a single treatment is sufficient.

At Z Center we make sure to truthfully tell you how many treatments you will need in order to reach your desired goal. For some treatments you will certainly see dramatic results after a single round but for other treatments it can take several rounds of treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Each treatment is different, this is why it’s important to consult with a doctor.

Dr. Zadeh will spend time with you to make sure all of your questions are answered before your treatment. He will always explain every treatment option available to you honestly, with your best interests being his top priority.
At the Z Center for Cosmetic Health you will never feel rushed or pressured into any treatment that you do not feel comfortable with. Our goal is to make you look good and feel even better about yourself!

To learn about your options for non-surgical treatments and to see if you’re a good candidate, feel free to make an appointment with Dr. Zadeh to determine which treatment is most appropriate for you. You can also call (818) 789-5500 or email us at for an appointment.