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Continuing our promise of offering the latest state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments, the Z Center for Cosmetic Health is the first in the Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles area to offer the new CoolFit Applicator, an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting Non-surgical Fat Reduction treatment line. The CoolFit applicator’s advanced design features a flat applicator cup and larger cooling plates, enabling us to freeze the fat in those hard to treat areas that previously could not be treated with the other applicators.

coolfit device Introducing the New CoolSculpting CoolFit Applicator

Benefits of the CoolFit Applicator:

  1. Longer Cooling Plates
    Allows us to freeze more fat with a greater cooling surface!
  2. 2. Flat Applicator Cup
    Perfect for longer fat bulges
  3. 3. Unique Applicator Design
    We can now easily treat those hard-to-reach bulges including the fat underneath the arms, inner thigh fat, back fat, etc.

coolfit treatment areas Introducing the New CoolSculpting CoolFit Applicator

The CoolSculpting CoolFit Applicator is an ideal addition to the many tools we have to take you on your journey from Treatment to Transformation™. Take the first step in getting the sculpted body you want and contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation in the Sherman Oaks and Greater Los Angeles area.

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