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There is a lot of emphasis on plump, full lips as it is a sign of sensual beauty that we see in many of the stars we admire. Many women the world over spend countless dollars and hours on temporary and minimally effective glosses and balms that promise to enhance the lips. Women looking for a more effective and longer lasting way to enhance their lips may find the results they want through non-surgical lip enhancements such as injectable fillers like Juvederm. A fuller pout through Lip Enhancement not only can help to increase confidence and create the aesthetic results desired but can also help reduce common signs of aging like the vertical lines and creases around the mouth.

Through Juvederm Ultra XC results may last up to twelve months with just one treatment. Dr. Zadeh understands the best results are natural looking results and works hard to create a lip enhancement that simply enhances your natural shape and beauty. If you are interested in learning more about your Lip Enhancement options, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.