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Lip fillers are quickly becoming one of the top most requested cosmetic treatments in the US. But with their rise in popularity, lip fillers have gotten a bad reputation— one that, in our opinion, is completely unwarranted! When some people think of lip fillers, they think of “duck lips” or “sausage lips.” But not all enhanced lips look overdone. When done by an experienced doctor, lip fillers can look full and luscious, yet also lovely and natural. The misconception that lip fillers always look unnatural is a common one. But that isn’t the only misconception out there about lip fillers. There are many! And in this post, we’re clearing them up as we debunk the top 7 lip filler myths.

Myth #1: Lip Fillers Always Look Unnatural and Fake

lip fillers

Let’s start with the biggest misconception people have about lip fillers: that they always look unnatural, fake, and obviously “done.” It’s true that lip fillers can sometimes look unnatural or fake. But this isn’t a problem with the filler— it’s a problem with the person injecting the filler. With good technique, lip fillers can look incredibly natural. When you decide to get lip filler, always do your research and make sure you go to an experienced provider who knows what they’re doing. An experienced doctor will know exactly how to enhance your lips, while also making sure that they still look beautifully natural.

Note: If you want to see just how natural lip fillers can look, check out some examples of our own Dr. Zadeh’s work by clicking here.

Myth #2: If You Don’t Like Your Lip Filler, You’re Stuck With It

Some fillers do last for quite a while. For example, polymethyl methacrylate fillers (PMMA) such as Bellafill can be permanent and never completely fade away. But if you use a hyaluronic acid filler for your lip injections, it can be immediately dissolved if you don’t like the way it turned out.

At the Z Center for Cosmetic Health, Dr. Zadeh’s lip filler of choice is Juvederm Ultra XC, a hyaluronic acid filler. Juvederm Ultra XC is Dr. Zadeh’s personal favorite filler for lip enhancement because it has an exceptionally smooth texture. But if you don’t like the results of your Juvederm injections, Dr. Zadeh can immediately dissolve your filler with a few quick hyaluronidase injections.

Myth #3: Lip Fillers Are Only For Thin Lips

While many people do get lip fillers to make their thin lips look fuller, that’s certainly not the only reason people use lip fillers. Lip fillers can also be used to change the shape of the lips in many ways. For example, lip fillers can be used to correct asymmetry, define the Cupid’s bow, or make the top and bottom lips look more proportionate.

Myth #4: Lip Fillers Stretch Out Your Lips

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Lip fillers do not stretch out the lips. And if you want to stop using lip fillers, your lips will not “deflate” or “sag” once your filler wears off. Instead, when lip fillers wear off, your body naturally dissolves the filler and your lips will simply slowly return to their own natural shape.

Myth #5: Getting Lip Filler is Very Painful

Getting lip filler is not extremely painful. While everyone’s pain tolerance can differ, most of our patients describe getting lip fillers as feeling like a prick or a pinch with some small pressure. Additionally, those getting Juvederm Ultra XC at our office will generally only feel the treatment for the first few injections, since Juvederm Ultra XC contains lidocaine, a numbing agent.

Myth #6: Fillers are Only For Old People

Lip fillers are not only for older people and neither are other types of filler treatments. While fillers can be used to treat the signs of aging, they can also be used to enhance your features, no matter how old you are. For example, fillers can be used to enhance the cheekbones, change the shape of the nose, or, of course, plump the lips.

Myth #7: Lip Fillers Require Constant Maintenance

If you want to maintain the results of your lip fillers, you do have to get touch ups. However, lip filler can last for quite a while. Juvederm Ultra XC, for example, can last for up to a year. Compared to other non-surgical cosmetic treatments (for example, Botox, which lasts for around 3 to 4 months), lip fillers are fairly long lasting.

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