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Up next in our blog series of the best acne treatments is Nano-Ray Laser skin resurfacing, an unbelievable treatment that has dramatically transformed the way our clients look and feel time and time again. Nano-Ray Laser has the unique ability to treat a wide range of skin problems including acne scars, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and facial wrinkles, just to name a few. And not only does the Nano-Ray treat a long list of skin problems very effectively, but equally as impressive, it’s non-surgical, requires minimal downtime, and is completely safe.

With Nano-Ray Laser, a series of light pulses which the skin absorbs causes rapid vaporization of water in the skin tissue, treating and removing blemishes and wrinkles almost instantaneously. One of the greatest features of Nano-Ray Laser lies in its ability to be extremely precise through “nano” wavelengths, carefully targeting problem areas in the skin. Once the damaged skin is removed, healthy new skin quickly begins to regrow.

It’s the revolutionary technology behind the Nano-Ray Laser that sets it apart from other laser resurfacing treatments available on the market. In the past, these other treatments lacked the precision to target specific areas, demanded extended recovery time, and even required anesthesia due to severe pain. Not only can Nano-Ray Laser specifically target areas, but in addition, by vaporizing the skin instead of burning it as with other laser treatments, there is very little, if any, pain involved. This also leads to a much quicker recovery and healing process that requires virtually no downtime.

Just one treatment with the Nano-Ray Laser that takes 10-15 minutes can remove a skin blemish forever (yes, we said forever). Areas including the face, neck, chest, and hands can all be targeted with the treatment to bring about healthy, beautiful looking skin. The Z Center for Cosmetic Health is the only provider of this amazing treatment in the Sherman Oaks area. Don’t let skin problems stop you from feeling great about yourself! Call award-winning Dr. Zadeh today to learn more about our Nano-Ray Laser treatment and schedule a consultation that will put you on your way to achieving clearer-looking skin.