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Everyone’s looking for a quick fix to get rid of that little extra belly fat. But it’s not that easy. Belly fat can be extremely stubborn to lose. Exercise and healthy eating can help, but often the belly is the last area to go. The only way to truly lose fat fast is through surgery or liposuction, but those are drastic measures. Long term fat loss takes time, but ultimately the satisfaction is much higher. Our CoolSculpting procedure has been an extremely popular way for our clients in the Los Angeles area to lose that belly fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. Compared to other ways of losing fat the results of the CoolSculpting procedure can be seen relatively quickly, in as little as 3-4 weeks.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Created by Harvard Scientists, the CoolSculpting procedure freezes fat cells causing a natural cell death. Over time, your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells leading to a reduction in belly fat. The procedure is totally non-invasive and takes about as long as a gym workout.

CoolSculpting Belly Before After

CoolSculpting Abdomen Front

The pictures above are of actual clients that we treated with CoolSculpting. They are 1 month after a single CoolSculpting session. The treatment is very safe, effective and FDA-approved. Most importantly, it works. Results look natural and can be seen as early as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results after one to three months. Your clothes will fit better and your body will have a more sculpted shape! As long as you maintain a normal diet and active lifestyle, your results can be permanent! We are proud to be the first provider of this revolutionary CoolSculpting technology in the Sherman Oaks area and a Preferred Crystal Rewards CoolSculpting provider for the entire Los Angeles area. That means we do among the most treatments in the country!

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