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Getting rid of fat can be a tricky experience. Even after losing overall weight, many people still find that they have pockets of fat that they simply cannot reduce. But, luckily, there are cosmetic procedures that can target this unwanted fat and get rid of it for good.


CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new way to permanently get rid of stubborn fat without having to undergo surgery. It is one of the most popular ways that people treat their unwanted fat. The “Cool” in CoolSculpting comes from the way the procedure works, which is by freezing fat cells and causing them to die off. This procedure is safe, as CoolSculpting only affects your fat cells— your healthy cells are not affected by this treatment.

CoolSculpting usually only takes about an hour and requires no downtime. Some people may experience minor bruising, tingling, numbness, or discomfort, but this is temporary and will resolve naturally. Results of CoolSculpting can be seen in as little as 3 weeks from the time of the treatment and will be fully seen in just 1-3 months.


Thermitight is a skin tightener that can reduce the appearance of fat in smaller areas by lifting the skin. This procedure is particularly helpful in reducing the appearance of a double chin, as well as on other smaller areas. Thermitight injections have also proved useful for melting enlarged pockets of fat that cause cellulite.

This treatment works by injecting heat under the skin, causing new collagen to form and tightening the skin. This is a non-surgical option— consisting of only minimally invasive injections— that typically takes around 30-60 minutes. The results of this procedure can be best seen 3-6 months after the treatment. The new collagen from the ThermiTight treatment lasts for several years!

If you want to freeze away your fat with CoolSculpting or give your skin a lift with ThermiTight, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zadeh. During your consultation, Dr. Zadeh can address your specific needs and help you decide the treatment plan that would be right for you.