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The many different uses of Botox is no secret and a big reason why Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available on the market today. From wrinkles and excessive sweating to migraines, Botox has been proven as an effective treatment with amazing results. However, new research that has come out in recent years has shown that Botox has even more uses than we initially thought. In this article, we dive into this research and outline some of the new indications for Botox.

To begin, in 2014, Dr. Michelle Magid and her team of scientists showed how patients who received Botox showed an improvement in mood and an increased sense of self-esteem. This study confirmed Botox as an antidepressant, a striking discovery which has had many implications for people who suffer from the illness. In recent years, other studies have confirmed the results of the original research. While this new benefit of Botox is worth talking about for the rest of the article in and of itself, there are other developing areas in which Botox has had a positive effect.

The next area where Botox has shown promise is in the treatment of surgical scars, limiting the stress on the scar tissue and minimizing the scar’s appearance. This is key, as surgical scars have remained an issue that many people struggle with and Botox serves as a promising new treatment option. Additional research, however, is still needed. For now, researchers believe this is tied to the ability of Botox to affect collagen production, which also serves another purpose which we will talk about next.

The reduction of wrinkles is widely considered the most popular use of Botox. New research has shown that Botox doesn’t just reduce wrinkles by relaxing muscles, but in addition, rejuvenates skin, making it look younger over time. Botox was found to alter the collagen in the skin, leaving the skin softer and more radiant. The results to a much more profound effect of Botox that is even more long-lasting than initially thought.

In this article, we’ve covered some of the new benefits of Botox which recent research has pointed to. These new uses of Botox make the case for the magical treatment even stronger. At the Z Center for Cosmetic Health, we have provided numerous clients the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of Botox. All Botox treatments are done by the award-winning Dr. Michael Zadeh, who is committed to bringing each and every one of his clients amazing results and a high-quality experience. Book an appointment today to see how Botox can make a difference in your own life, leaving you looking great and feeling even better.