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For many people, getting rid of cellulite can seem impossible. While cellulite can be caused by weight gain or hormonal issues, it’s often merely a result of unlucky genetics. For those dealing with genetic cellulite, the problem can be relentless. No amount of diet or exercise can eliminate this stubborn cellulite. However, a new cosmetic treatment has been created that could be a possible cure for this relentless cellulite.

A new study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that treating cellulite with a combination of laser energy and fat transplantation has shown exceptional results. To understand how this treatment works, first let’s talk a little bit about what cellulite is.

We all know what cellulite looks like. It’s that unwanted lumpiness and dimpling of the skin that we most commonly see on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. What creates this dimpling is overstretched fibrous tissue. Fibrous tissue holds our muscle to our skin. When the fibrous tissue in certain parts of our bodies is too tight, the fat in between our skin and muscle will be strained. This strained fat will begin to bulge out, rather than laying evenly, which causes the skin covering it to dimple.

The new laser and fat transfer treatment works to correct cellulite in two ways. First, a laser is applied to cellulite to reduce targeted fatty tissue, firm skin, and promote collagen formation. Then, a patient’s own fat is is used to fill in the depressed areas caused by cellulite. To complete the treatment, patients receive a massage on the treated area, which helps ensure that the deposited fat is distributed evenly.

This new dual method of treating cellulite is incredibly promising. Not only is this treatment minimally invasive, it has also proved to have fantastic results. Among the patients in the recent Aesthetic Surgery Journal study, 85% percent of patients rated their treatment results either good or excellent. Additionally, the treatment had very few side effects, and the few side effects seen were mild and temporary.

This new treatment is excellent news for those who are suffering from stubborn or severe cases of cellulite. Cellulite has been a notoriously difficult condition to treat. Many classic methods of treating cellulite, like liposuction, have proven ineffective and, in some cases, can even make cellulite appear worse.

Treat Your Stubborn Cellulite

If you’re struggling with stubborn cellulite, Z Cosmetic can help. At Z Cosmetic, we believe in staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic treatments, including new treatments for cellulite. We have multiple cellulite treatments, including the revolutionary ThermiTight treatment.

ThermiTight is often known best as a “non-surgical facelift” option, but it’s also incredible for treating many other issues on the face and body, including cellulite. ThermiTight works by applying radio frequency heat energy to targeted fat, which melts fat and tightens skin. It’s an excellent way to treat not only the surface appearance of cellulite, but also its root cause.

To see if ThermiTight or another of our cellulite treatments is right for you, make an appointment today to get a free consultation with Dr. Zadeh. At your appointment, you can discuss your cosmetic concerns and desired results, after which Dr. Zadeh will make you a custom treatment plan to help you get rid of your stubborn cellulite.