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Botox for the scrotum, also known as Scrotox, is a real procedure with real results. Today, most people are familiar with Botox as used on the face but may not know why some choose to use it on their scrotum. So why do men get Scrotox?

Scrotox actually has multiple uses. It can be used cosmetically for those who desire it, as the application of Botox to the scrotum can smooth out lines and create a larger and plumper appearance. Scrotox also creates lower hanging testicles, which some men prefer for aesthetic reasons. Many men also find lower testicles more comfortable and say that the application of Scrotox causes their scrotum to feel more relaxed.

Another use of Scrotox is to treat excessive perspiration. Just like when it is applied to other areas that may have more perspiration than desired, such as in the armpit, Botox can reduce excessive sweat in the scrotum. Some athletes, for example, cyclists, might choose this treatment, as might non-athletes who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

More uses of Scrotox include treating scrotal pain and application to potentially enhance sexual activity.

Some people might worry about the safety of Scrotox but there is no need to worry. Botox is FDA approved and safe to apply to the scrotum. It is also minimally invasive with very little discomfort. An anesthetic is used before the treatment, which only takes about thirty minutes. There is no downtime after the procedure; you can immediately resume normal activity. Like other forms of Botox, the benefits of Scrotox can be seen after a few days and last 3-4 months.

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