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It’s a problem that many women face, but few ever talk about: Vaginal Looseness and Sagging. This is a common problem faced by women who have had babies via natural childbirth. Until recently, the only option for vaginal tightening was a surgical procedure known as Vaginoplasty. Non-surgical options consisted of Kegal exercises, which though beneficial, are limited in the amount of long-term improvement they provide.

Now, there is an amazing new non-surgical treatment that can help tighten both the external and internal vagina with just a single 30-minute session. ThermiVa is a temperature-controlled radiofrequency procedure that treats vaginal laxity and enlarged, sagging labia majora. By promoting collagen production, the treatment will tighten the vagina from inside and outside. It can help resolve vaginal dryness and can also help with stress incontinence for those women who pee a little everytime they sneeze or cough. And yes, it can help improve the appearance of the dreaded “camel toe”. The best thing about the treatment is that there is no pain, no need for anesthesia, and no downtime. You can resume sexual activity immediately after the procedure.

We are on the forefront of this breakthrough treatment which has already proven to be the most effective non-surgical solution for vaginal looseness and sagging. If you’re interested in this treatment, feel free to contact us for more info or to view before and after pictures.