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As we age, the collagen in our skin diminishes, causing skin to loosen and sag. But there is a solution for this, and a minimally invasive one at that: ThermiTight. ThermiTight is a relatively new procedure that can reduce sagging skin in a single 30-60 minute treatment. But, how does it work?

ThermiTight is a procedure in which radiofrequency heat is carefully injected deep into the skin with tiny probes. This incites new collagen to form, causing the skin to tighten and lift. This added collagen helps you look younger, as it is replacing the collagen your skin has naturally lost over time and helping your skin get closer to the tightness it had in your youth. It is also a non-surgical procedure. It’s minimally invasive, can take as little as 30 minutes, and involves very little recovery time.

One of the best parts of ThermiTight is that it can be customized to your unique needs. Whether you want a lift in your neck, in the undersides of your arms, to reduce loose skin on your abdomen, or anywhere else, ThermiTight can be used to give you the lift you want. And, additionally, it can be strategically injected to fit the unique shapes and needs of your body. It is a custom solution to your skin’s needs.

Before and After Image of Abdomen

ThermiTight is simply the best non-surgical facelift option and loose skin reducer available today. After receiving this treatment, you can begin to see the results in as little as a few weeks. Full results of the procedure will occur over a period of 6 months. It can help you battle the signs of aging and start getting a youthful appearance again without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures.

Before and After Image of Neck

No matter what area you are looking to treat or what level of sagging you are dealing with, an experienced ThermiTight provider can help address your needs. At Z Cosmetic Health, we are knowledgeable about this procedure. We are the first and only office in Sherman Oaks to offer ThermiTight. All ThermiTight procedures are performed by Dr. Zadeh himself. Start your journey toward looking and feeling younger again by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Zadeh. He can evaluate your unique needs and determine if ThermiTight would be the right fit for you. Schedule your consultation today to take a step closer to younger looking skin. And, as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our other procedures.