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Scarring can cause an enormous amount of emotional stress. Often, people are very bothered by their scarring and spend much of their valuable time worrying about their scars or thinking of ways to cover them up. But if you have pesky scars that won’t fade with creams or time, there’s a great treatment that can help treat even the trickiest of scars: the Nano-Ray Laser. In this post, we’re highlighting this amazing laser treatment for scarring. Read on to learn how the Nano-Ray Laser works and how it can treat your scar caused by injuries, acne, surgical procedures, and more.

The Nano-Ray Laser: What it is and How it Works

The Nano-Ray Laser treats scarring by vaporizing water in the skin tissue, which causes the body to remove old skin and create healthy new skin in its place. During a Nano-Ray Laser treatment, a series of light pulses is applied to the skin over a short 10 to 15 minutes session. The body then absorbs this light energy, which causes an almost instant removal of your skin problem. After a Nano-Ray Laser treatment, your body naturally creates healthy new skin to replace the damaged skin that was removed during the treatment.

The Nano-Ray Laser vs. Old Fashioned Laser Treatments

The Nano-Ray Laser is a skin resurfacing laser. However, it’s very different from old fashioned skin resurfacing laser treatments. Many other types of laser treatments (like CO2 lasers) can give good results. However, they can also cause severe pain, require extended down time, and they are not particularly precise. The Nano-Ray Laser, on the other hand, is highly gentle and precise, due to the accuracy that can be achieved with the Nano-Ray’s Lasers unique wavelengths. The way the Nano-Ray Laser works allows this advanced laser treatment to give excellent results like an old fashioned laser treatment, while also causing little to no pain and having a much faster healing time.

The Nano-Ray Laser: What it Treats

The Nano-Ray Laser can be used to treat numerous types of scarring, like scarring caused by acne or injuries, and scarring left behind by surgeries. Additionally, because the Nano-Ray Laser is quite gentle, it can be safely used on many areas of the body. It can be used on scars on the arms, legs, and abdomen, as well as on scars on more delicate areas, such on the face (including around the eyes), neck, chest, and hands. Unlike many other lasers, the Nano-Ray laser is safe for all skin types.

While this post is primarily about how the Nano-Ray Laser can treat scarring, know that the Nano-Ray Laser is also an excellent treatment for many other skin issues. In addition to treating scarring, the Nano-Ray laser can treat wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, moles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and more. To get a more in-depth look on what the Nano-Ray Laser can treat, visit our Nano-Ray Laser informational page.

Is the Nano-Ray Laser Right for You?

If you have a pesky scar, contact the Z Center for Cosmetic Health today to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Zadeh. At your appointment, Dr. Zadeh will examine your scarring, listen to your cosmetic concerns, and help you decide whether the Nano-Ray Laser would be the best treatment for your unique scarring.