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When thinking about bodily issues that, while not necessarily being detrimental to health, can certainly be detrimental to a person’s self-confidence, state of mind, and overall wellness, cellulite is right up there at the top of the list. If you have a patch or two and hate the way that it looks when dressed in something revealing like a swimsuit or lingerie, then you have probably spent some time looking up ways to get rid of cellulite or solutions to reduce its appearance.

There is no overnight wonder cure but there are certainly several things a person can do to reduce the physical appearance of cellulite and help the skin to look tighter, more youthful, and overall boast a more vibrant glow. 

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly cellulite is, why it appears in the first place, and then go on to some of the most popular solutions for helping to get rid of cellulite or at least minimize its appearance.

What Is Cellulite?

In basic terms, cellulite is a very common and harmless condition that causes dimpled, lumpy uneven flesh to appear on areas of the body like the hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. You may have heard it being described as having an orange peel or cottage cheese texture.

In cases of mild cellulite, you can only see this orange peel texture on the skin if you pinch the affected area directly, but in more severe cases, it can make the skin appear rumpled and dimpled without any force or friction at all.

Cellulite is most commonly found around the thighs and buttocks, but it can also develop on other areas including the lower abdomen, the upper arms, and the breasts. The unfortunate fact is that cellulite is a much more common skin condition found among women than it is men, leading much of the skincare and beauty industry to label it a ‘women’s issue’.

What Causes Cellulite?

The truth is that very little is known about what causes cellulite. What the professionals do know is that it involves the fibrous bands of connective tissue that help to tether the skin to the muscle that lies beneath. There is a layer of fat that rests between these two connecting components, and as fat cells accumulate, they start to push up against the skin. As the connective cords pull down in the opposite direction, this begins to create a puckering and uneven surface and the dimpling that can be seen on the outside of the body.

Another suggested cause for cellulite lays the blame on your hormones and genetics. Some have proposed that if you come from a family line of women who have suffered from cellulite, you too will be more likely to develop it at some point in your life.

Many other factors have been suggested over the years as to how and why cellulite forms ranging from bodyweight to muscle tone to body type and general skin texture, but the fact that thin women can suffer from it just as much as obese women tend to discredit the basis of that particular argument.

Lifestyle factors like leading a sedentary day-to-day existence and pregnancy have also been highlighted as other potential causes for cellulite, but as you can see, opinion can be very divided across the board on what the real number one cause of the skin condition might be.

What Are The Solutions For Cellulite?

No one should expect any of these cellulite treatments to eradicate the problem. Treatments are aimed at minimizing the appearance and preventing its formation. Science is still working on causes and solutions. Do not trust any claim that a treatment or product can remove cellulite. 

This does not mean that cellulite treatments are not worthwhile. Many are very effective at reducing dimpling and the overall look of areas that have cellulite.  

Here are some of the most common and most popular solutions for dulling the appearance of cellulite

Caffeine Creams

Although creams and lotions are not going to make your cellulite disappear overnight, they can be of great help when it comes to temporarily smoothing and tightening the affected area(s).

Caffeine, in particular, is a good ingredient to look out for in creams because it causes the blood vessels to constrict when applied in a topical treatment. A dermatologist would advise massaging a caffeine cream directly into the affected areas of the skin to leave things feeling softer and smoother for a while.

As with all treatments that don’t involve an invasive plastic surgeon, this kind of step will have to be repeated every time you want to reduce the look of your dimpled skin.


For those who are looking for more permanent treatment options, there is something called QWO. As of now, QWO is the only injectable treatment that has been FDA approved for targeting dimpling in the buttocks, and it is one of the most popular options in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond.

It has been proven to be very effective in cellulite reduction in that specific area, making the skin look ‘normal’ and usually in a timescale of about 10 weeks.

One of the advantages of QWO is the relatively low recovery time compared to other kinds of more invasive treatments like liposuction, for example. All you can expect to suffer is some light bruising and redness at the site of the injections.

Dry Brushing

If you aren’t ready to go all the way into injectables just yet, then dry brushing is a practice that has been used in cellulite treatments for a long time.

Daily body brushing and massage have been proven to be an effective way to jumpstart lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow. This helps to start eliminating toxins that accumulate in your fat layers. The more toxins you have, the more inflammation you have, and the more inflammation you have, the more likely it is that cellulite will form. 

Something to take note of is the fact that you need to practice dry brushing, as the name suggests when your skin is as dry as it can be to exfoliate most effectively. An ideal time for this is before you jump into the shower, because it means that after the process is complete, you can then replenish and restore your skin with a good quality moisturizer

Retinol Body Cream

Another topical option alongside caffeine cellulite creams is anything that contains a good amount of retinol. Retinol is important for the body because it is involved in collagen production. The more collagen a person has, the plumper and smoother their skin is going to be. Collagen production slows down naturally as you age so cellulite is more likely as you get older. 

Usually nongreasy and rich in antioxidants, retinol creams can be the ideal solution for someone who doesn’t want to go as far as injections and is simply looking for a product that can work hand in hand with their dry brushing.

Healthy Diet

Alongside all of the help that various cellulite treatments and products give, you have to factor in your lifestyle and diet in particular. 

Though a person’s diet hasn’t been identified as the sole cause of cellulite, no doubt eating healthily can’t hurt the process. Most experts in dermatology will tell you that you should watch your sodium intake and eat plenty of fiber and whole grains, as this helps to remove waste and toxins from the intestinal tract.

If you happen to be a larger person with more body fat, then weight loss won’t only help your overall health, but it could also help with the quality of your skin and the appearance of cellulite.

Taking various healthy supplements can also be regarded as part of a healthy diet, and there are plenty of vitamins and minerals that can be easily added to your routine thanks to simple supplements with zero side effects.

Stay Hydrated

There is absolutely no doubt that cellulite can look more defined and prominent when a person is dehydrated. This is a basic rule of skincare.

When you are dehydrated and haven’t taken in enough fluids for a day or longer, it can cause the skin to become weaker and thinner with less elasticity. When your skin is in a weak and thin condition, the cellulite is going to show up more prominently.

The simplest and most basic way to reduce this risk is to make the effort to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. This is the recommended amount for adequate hydration in both men and women.


Hopefully, this list of potential solutions can help you to combat your cellulite. The key thing to remember is that most of these tips are for small, temporary changes that need to be repeated to make a difference. Managing cellulite is just like managing any other part of a skincare routine. The more regularly you do it, the better your overall results are going to be.