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While MedSpas are becoming incredibly popular, we know that many people are still a bit confused about this new type of medical office. People often wonder what MedSpas are, what types of treatments you can get at a MedSpa, and so on. So clear up some of the confusion surrounding MedSpas, below we’re answering all the top MedSpa FAQs! We’ll start with the most important: what exactly is a MedSpa? 

What is a MedSpa? 

“MedSpa” is short for “medical spa” and, essentially, it’s just what it sounds like. A MedSpa, also sometimes called a Medi Spa, is a place where you can get medical grade cosmetic treatments in a relaxing day spa-like environment. MedSpas offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments like Botox, fillers, laser skin resurfacing, CoolSculpting, advanced skin care treatments, and much more. 

What Treatments Can You Get at a MedSpa? 

Each MedSpa may offer different non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Below, we’ll go over the cosmetic spa treatments we offer here at the Z Center for Cosmetic Health to give you an idea of the wide range of treatments available at a medical spa

Medical Spa Services at the Z Center for Cosmetic Health

  • Fillers and Other Injectable MedSpa Treatments:
    • Botox: A very popular injectable treatment that’s most commonly used as an aesthetic treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can also be used as a medical treatment for things like migraine headaches and excessive sweating.  
    • Juvederm: Juvederm is a dermal filler that can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used to enhance the lips, to restore lost volume in the face, to fill deeper wrinkles, to give a non-surgical nose job, or to improve the appearance of depressed scarring.
    • Dysport: An injectable wrinkle treatment that targets dynamic wrinkles, the wrinkles that appear due to repetitive facial movements. 
    • Belotero: A dermal filler that is designed to blend into your skin and mold to your unique face shape, providing natural-looking results. 
    • Kybella: An injectable treatment that dissolves stubborn submental fat (“double chin” fat).  
    • Restylane Silk: A dermal filler that’s specifically formulated to treat the lips and the area around the lips.  
    • Restylane Lyft: A versatile dermal filler that’s ideal for treating deeper lines and facial creases, and restoring lost volume in the cheeks, chin, and temples. 
    • Sculptra: A long-lasting filler that works by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. 
  • Body Contouring and Sculpting Treatments: 
    • Emsculpt: A treatment that burns fat and builds muscle, creating a more sculpted look. 
    • CoolSculpting: A body sculpting treatment that can permanently remove unwanted fat by freezing it. 
    • Non-Surgical Butt Lift: A treatment that can lift, re-shape, and plump the butt through collagen stimulation. 
  • Laser Treatments:
    • Laser Hair Removal: A treatment that can permanently reduce unwanted body hair. 
    • Laser Skin Resurfacing: A skin resurfacing treatment that can improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and more. 
  • Tightening Treatments:
    • ThermiTight: A cosmetic procedure that tightens loose skin and melts fat through the application of radiofrequency heat energy. 
    • ThermiSmooth: A skin tightening treatment that can treat fine lines and wrinkles, reduce drooping eyelid skin, improve skin texture, and provide a non-surgical brow lift.  
    • ThermiVa: A treatment that can tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal area. 
  • Skin Treatments: 
    • Microneedling: A skin rejuvenation treatment that stimulates collagen growth in the deep skin, improving skin texture, tone, and signs of aging. The microneedling device Dr. Zadeh uses at our office can also deliver products into the dermal layer of skin, allowing them to treat the deep skin in a way they normally cannot. 
    • VI Peel: A revolutionary new type of chemical peel that works deeply, yet is much more gentle than traditional deep chemical peels. 
    • Facials: We offer a range of medical grade facials, such as our Anti Aging Facial, our Acne Facial, our Facials With Microdermabrasion, and our MicroBotox Facial. 
    • Skin Care Products: Our Z MD Skin line, personally formulated by Dr. Zadeh himself, allows our patients to use highly concentrated, skin-healthy skin care at home in between appointments.

Who is a MedSpa For? 

MedSpas are generally best for people who want to improve their appearance, without undergoing any painful plastic surgery at a plastic surgeon’s office. People often go to a medical spa to address signs of aging or skin issues, or to sculpt the shape of their body or face. 

What Are The Benefits of MedSpa Treatments? 

Each MedSpa treatment can have its own unique benefits. But, then, medical spa treatments do all have some common shared benefits, such as: 

  • Quick Treatment Times
  • Little to No Downtime or Recovery Time 
  • Little to No Pain or Discomfort 
  • Fast Results 
  • Improved Self-Esteem and Confidence

How Do You Get Ready for a MedSpa Treatment? 

Some MedSpa treatments don’t require any preparation at all, while others may. If your treatment requires any preparation, we provide you with detailed instructions on what to do before your treatment. 

How Long Until You See the Results of a MedSpa Treatment? 

Some MedSpa treatments provide instant results, while others need a bit of time to show full results. Before you receive any treatment at our office, we will explain the exact timeline you should expect.  

What Do I Do at My First MedSpa Appointment? 

Generally, your first appointment at a MedSpa will be a consultation appointment. During a consultation appointment at our cosmetic doctor’s office, you’ll speak with Dr. Zadeh, who is an award-winning board certified general surgeon. At your consultation appointment, be ready to talk about your cosmetic concerns and your aesthetic goals. If you have a specific treatment in mind, be sure to bring that up during your consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Zadeh will listen to your cosmetic concerns, learn more about your goals, and inspect your desired treatment area. Then, he’ll develop a customized treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. 

Interested in trying a MedSpa treatment? Click here to make a consultation appointment at the Z Center for Cosmetic Health.