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If your double chin is the primary focus and defining feature of your face, then it might be fair to assume that you have considered changing this part of your appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

Although it makes you self-conscious, chin fat can be a very difficult and stubborn area of the body to remove via natural efforts and processes. Now, thanks to the amazing advancements in dermatology and general cosmetic procedures, changes to the chin area and jawline are much more achievable.

Kybella is one of the leading FDA-approved treatments for addressing excess fat cells and is particularly efficacious for submental fullness.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a nonsurgical injectable treatment based on deoxycholic acid that is designed to specifically target the stubborn fat in the chin area and jawline. FYI, chin fat is also known as submental fat.

The procedure involves a series of injections that directly target the treatment area.

No incisions are needed for Kybella injections, which means there is little downtime and recovery time no matter how many treatment sessions are needed or what amount of fat is being treated.

Here are five of the top and leading reasons to get Kybella treatment done at a med spa.

You Will Look Pounds Lighter

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Kybella works to make your jawline look slimmer and much more defined by eliminating the extra fat that causes a double chin.

Double chins can result from several different reasons including weight gain, facial sagging with age, and genetics. It isn’t just overweight or obese people who have to contend with the look of a double chin.

Kybella injections insert the enzyme called deoxycholic acid into your body. The enzyme is all-natural, existing in the body already but the added boost helps to break down fat cells at a dramatic and visible rate.

At the end of a series of treatments, your face, neck, and chin area will look noticeably slimmer and lighter, sometimes by a couple of pounds if there was that much fat to remove.

No More Taking Pictures From Your ‘Good Side’

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The world of social media is an unavoidably prominent part of modern culture and it can make you shy away from certain poses or angles because you are not confident in displaying your double chin. You have probably gotten into the habit of posing for photographs in a certain way to show your ‘good side’ and hide your ‘bad side’.

After a series of Kybella treatments, you won’t have to worry about hating the way you look in Instagram pics anymore. Your profile will appear dramatically slimmer and more toned, so you can look and feel great from any angle.

No Invasive Surgery Is Needed

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One of the leading benefits of Kybella treatment is that it is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Treatment can only be administered by a Kybella-trained physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or registered nurse. Dr. Michael Zadeh, our owner and board certified general surgeon, has years of experience in the anatomy of the double chin area. He knows exactly where to place the injections to give you the best result.

Deoxycholic acid can be injected without the need for Lidocaine or topical numbing. Each session lasts 15 to 20 minutes and most people require about two to four treatments, usually about six weeks apart.

Kybella can be administered in just several injections rather than having to check in for a more large-scale operation like a full neck lift, for example.

Minimal Downtime

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As a non-surgical procedure, Kybella patients require very little downtime. During recovery, you can carry on with your daily schedule with minimal fuss and change. It is a very quick procedure that allows you to move around immediately, meaning that you can return to work, physical activity, and travel pretty much right away.

No general anesthesia is needed to complete the treatment, so you won’t have to contend with any groggy side effects or have a friend or family member help you get home.

You will be alert during the process and afterward, you can expect some swelling and soreness in the injection site(s) that can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers.

It Produces Permanent Results

Kybella works by destroying the submental fat. Just a few days after the injections, the cells will start to burst and will be slowly absorbed by your body. Once they are eliminated from the chin area, they will not return unless you fall back into poor lifestyle choices and start to gain new weight and fat.

Although it may require several treatments (as advised by your plastic surgeon), Kybella produces long lasting results as long as you maintain a healthy diet, and active lifestyle. In the absence of weight gain it does not require repeat or top-up treatments like other injectables like Botox or other temporary dermal fillers.

The results will begin to show as the process of fat breakdown progresses and generally you can expect to see a visible change four to six weeks after your first treatment. Full results take 3 months. As long as you maintain a stable healthy weight your new, slimmer facial contours and profile will be permanent.

Choose the Right Clinic

If one or more of the reasons listed above has tempted you to take the plunge and get Kybella for yourself, then the next step is to get in touch with the experienced and expert team at Z Cosmetic Health.

You must undergo these kinds of procedures in a certified, professional space, and Z Center For Cosmetic Health is a well-established and well-reputed provider of all types of popular cosmetic treatments. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today!