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Success doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you win the lottery. But, that’s not success, it’s luck. To have the best in life always requires motivation, dedication, hard work and commitment. These same principles apply to your cosmetic health. To have perfect skin takes a lot of commitment and dedication. Healthy skin is an investment that requires time and money. It’s something you have to consistently work for. But, the payoff is priceless.

So what is the key to healthy, beautiful skin?

The first step is to really get to know your skin. Is it dry or oily? Sensitive or not? What irritates it? Next, you need to set goals on what you want to achieve. Once you have done this then it is time to develop a routine skin care regimen. Consulting with a skin care professional can be very beneficial during this stage. Based on your goals the ideal skin care regimen may include chemical peels, facials, at home skin care systems, or a combination of all three. A piece of advice: you will see much better results and save more money in the long run if you use prescription grade, reputable skin care product lines that are not available for purchase over the counter. Healthy skin is an investment and one of the first things people will notice about you. There’s no reason to take the easy (or cheapest) way out when caring for it.

Most importantly, once you have developed your skin care routine you should stick to it religiously. Don’t ever skip a day of your daily skin care regimen. Consistency is crucial to having healthy skin. Depending on the quality of your skin you may require either daily or twice a day skin care. This commitment will need to extend to include your diet, activity, the type of makeup you use, etc.

Remember, not everyone is blessed with flawless skin. With realistic expectations, and a commitment to a personalized daily skin care routine there’s no reason why you can’t have a significant improvement in the quality of your skin. So, go ahead and make the investment in beautiful skin, it’s well worth it.