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When you notice your hair is starting to thin, you may feel depressed, less confident, or just generally unhappy. But if you’re experiencing thinning hair, there’s a simple, non-surgical treatment that can help you fight back against hair loss: hair restoration with stem cells, offered here at Z Center.

Hair restoration with stem cells is a fast, non-surgical treatment that can thicken and replenish thinning hair. This type of hair restoration is a new, very promising treatment for thinning hair. But because stem cell hair restoration is so new, many people don’t know how it works— or even that it exists. To help you understand what stem cell hair restoration is, how it works, and what the procedure is like, we’ve put together this guide to this revolutionary new treatment. Read on to learn everything you need to know about hair restoration with stem cells.

What is Hair Restoration with Stem Cells and How Does it Work?

Stem cell hair restoration is a treatment that can thicken thinning hair and maximize hair growth in areas of thinning hair. Stem cell hair restoration works by improving the health of the body’s own hair follicles. To explain how stem cells can do this, let’s first talk a bit about what causes thinning hair and hair loss.

Hair thinning occurs when the body stops sending new growth signals to hair follicles in the scalp. Over time, this causes the hair follicles to shrink, which leads to thinner, wispier hair. Then, over an extended period of time, the hair follicles can close entirely, which prevents hair growth altogether, causing hair loss.

So, how can stem cells help fight this hair loss? Stem cells are a unique type of cell that can divide in self-renewal. They can also make new cells that the body can no longer normally produce on its own. When stem cells are applied to damaged, shrunken hair follicles (which contain thinner, wispier hair), they can replenish the damaged cells within these follicles. This helps to re-trigger hair growth, thickening and replenishing the hair. It can also help to stop hair follicles from closing, helping to prevent total hair loss.

It’s important to note that, due to how stem cell hair restoration works, this treatment is only effective on thinning hair, not on bald hair. However, stem cell hair restoration is an excellent treatment for thinning hair and is a great non-surgical alternative for those who do not want to undergo hair transplantation.

What is Getting Hair Restoration With Stem Cells Like?

Hair restoration with stem cells is a fast, non-surgical treatment that requires absolutely no downtime and causes no scarring. During a stem cell hair restoration treatment, stem cells will be applied to your scalp through a series of injections. Depending on your level of hair thinness and your hair goals, you may require multiple stem cell hair restoration treatments (given every 4 weeks). Each stem cell hair restoration treatment is quick and takes only around 30 minutes.

After a stem cell hair restoration treatment, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities. Improvements from stem cell hair restoration continue to develop for 6 months after your last treatment.

Hair Restoration With Stem Cells in Sherman Oaks

The Z Center for Cosmetic Health is proud to be among one of the first providers of hair restoration with stem cells in the Los Angeles area. If you’re experiencing hair thinning and are considering stem cell hair restoration, make a consultation appointment at our office today. At your consultation appointment, Dr. Zadeh will examine your hair, listen to your aesthetic concerns, and help you decide if hair restoration with stem cells is the ideal treatment for you.