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A new study by the American Med Spa Associate had a major finding: millennials love med spas. This study found that the med spa industry is growing at a very healthy rate of more than 20 percent, largely thanks to millennials. So what makes millennials so interested in med spas? it’s a combination of a few different factors.

One reason millennials are flocking to med spas is that there is far less stigma around cosmetic treatments today. As we go further into the internet age, it’s easier to see that med spa treatments are actually very common. Online, we see both celebrities and friends getting med spa treatments and we see their appealing results. This reduction in stigma around getting cosmetic treatments has particularly affected men, who now make up 15% of all med spa patients, a huge increase from past years.

Another reason millennials love med spas is that, with new developments in cosmetic technology, med spas now offer many excellent non-surgical treatments. In the past, surgical treatments like liposuction, rhinoplasty, and facelifts were the only ways to treat certain cosmetic concerns. While effective, these treatments also require significant downtime, come with pain during recovery, and are more invasive procedures. Non-surgical options, however, are fast, easy, and generally less stressful on the mind and body.

Some especially popular non-surgical treatments among millennials include CoolSculpting, non-surgical nose jobs, and lip injections. CoolSculpting, a way of freezing and removing targeted fat cells, is very popular among younger people who are looking to get rid of areas of fat they can’t seem to lose with diet and exercise. Non-surgical nose jobs are another popular treatment, particularly among younger people who are not sure they want to commit to a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. Non-surgical nose jobs offer a non-invasive way to augment the nose, one that’s also reversible if the patient isn’t happy with the results. The last non-surgical treatment we mentioned, lip injections, is one of the most highly requested treatments among millennials. Lip injections offer patients the fuller, sexier lips they long for, while giving much more natural looking results than the surgical lip procedures of the past.

A third reason millennials are flocking to med spas is get preventative treatments. Research has shown that many cosmetic treatments that were designed to correct cosmetic concerns are also highly effective at preventing them. Botox is perhaps the most popular preventative treatment, as getting Botox early can actually help prevent the formation of wrinkles caused by muscle movements. Preventative Botox is a particularly popular treatment among millennials, who are just the right age to start prevention.

Are you considering trying a med spa treatment like CoolSculpting or preventative Botox? Contact us today to make a free consultation appointment. At your consultation, Dr. Zadeh can learn your cosmetic concerns and help you develop a treatment plan to get your desired results.