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Botox has traditionally been used to treat wrinkles on the face but there is a new trend gaining more popularity. It is called Scrotox. It is Botox injections to the scrotum, aiming to decrease sweating, reduce wrinkles, relieve testicular pain, and make the scrotum appear bigger by helping the muscles relax. Scrotox has also been stated to enhance sexual activity.

Saturday Night Live spoofed the Scrotox treatment in 2010 with a skit about a Scrotox commercial, but it’s no joke now. Male celebrities such as George Clooney have been proud to state they have received this treatment.

You may be concerned about the repercussions of injecting Botox into this area such as potential harm or pain. Don’t be worried it is completely safe and has not shown any adverse effects. Botox is FDA approved. As for pain, the treatment has very little discomfort. An anesthetic is administered to the area before the treatment.

The procedure only takes about 30 min and afterwards you can go back about your day. There is no downtime.

The results of Scrotox are similar to typical Botox injections on the face. It takes a few days to start seeing the benefits and the results lasts for about 3-4 months.

Are you ready for some Scrotox? Feel free to contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zadeh who is an expert in Scrotox injections for men.