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What’s the one anti-aging treatment that everyone should get? According to Victoria Secret supermodel Isabeli Fontana, it’s Botox.

Why Botox as an Anti-Aging Treatment?

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, Fontana proclaimed her love for using Botox as a more naturally looking anti-aging treatment. The 35-year-old Brazilian model stated, “a little bit of Botox is not bad,” saying that, when used subtly, Botox can give much more natural results than other cosmetic treatments.

Botox sometimes gets a bad rap. There is some misunderstanding about what Botox does to the face, and it’s often incorrectly associated with a harsh, highly “frozen” look. However, when Botox is applied skillfully, it can give incredibly natural-looking results. The key to getting more natural-looking Botox comes down to where it is applied and how much Botox is used during treatment. Botox is not a “one size fits all” treatment. When getting Botox, a skilled doctor will carefully evaluate your unique face and strategically find where to place injections for your specific needs.

The former Victoria Secret Angel understands the huge impact correctly applied Botox can have. Fontana said, “Botox can change your face a lot, so it has to be very subtle, but if you don’t do it, age will mark your skin and I don’t like that at all.” The second part of the model’s statement here also shows that Fontana is familiar with Botox use as an excellent preventative measure.

When Botox is started earlier, it can work incredibly well to prevent the formation and deepening of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox works by stopping motion in our face. When used to treat existing wrinkles and fine lines, the “freezing” effect of Botox can smooth the skin. However, it can also stop wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by movement (these are called dynamic wrinkles) by stopping the movement that causes them in the first place.

While Fontana said she’s not a big fan of another common treatment for wrinkles, dermal fillers, she said she is a big fan of using other cosmetic treatments. Fontana said she enjoys the rejuvenating effects of laser treatments. And while Botox is the supermodel’s main anti-aging treatment of choice today, she said she’s not opposed to trying “a little lift” in about ten years time. But, for now, she said that the excellent results of Botox are all she needs.

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