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As a CoolSculpting Crystal Preferred Provider and one of the top CoolSculpting practices in the country, the Z Center for Cosmetic Health is proud to be among the first in the Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles areas to offer the new CoolSmooth Applicator, an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting Non-surgical Fat Reduction treatment family. The CoolSmooth is a flat, non-vacuum applicator that is ideal for treating areas of non-pinchable fat including the saddle-bag areas of the outer thighs and also the inner thighs. Its unique conformable design allows the applicator to fit your individual shape. Since the CoolSmooth applicator does not rely on suction to treat areas of excessive fat, we can now freeze the fat of almost all areas of the body, even those areas which need very small fat reduction.

In the clinical studies of the CoolSmooth applicator 82% of patients saw undeniable results and 81% of those reported that results exceeded their expectations.

We are extremely excited to be among the first CoolSculpting centers to be offering fat freezing treatments using the new CoolSmooth applicator. We expect to begin treatments in April, 2014. Our guests are equally excited and we already have a growing list of clients who have pre-reserved their treatments.

Feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions, or to reserve your spot on our priority treatment list and be among the first to be treated with the new CoolSmooth applicator!

Coolsculpting CoolSmooth Applicator
Coolsculpting CoolSmooth Applicator

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